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           Established in 2006, Zhejiang Hule Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the design, manufacture, production and service of marine fluorescent lamps, marine explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, naval navigation signals, stainless steel incandescent explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof projecting lights, marine LED lamps, marine electrodeless lamps, hangar lighting control and other series of lamps and related control electrical equipment. National high-tech enterprises supporting military industry.

          The company has more than 200 employees, including more than 60 Engineers and technicians. It covers an area of about 30 mu and has a building area of 20,000 mu. Located in the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou and Wuxi economic circle, the transportation network is developed and the geographical position is superior.

          The company regards quality as its life, and takes it as its duty to create high-quality products. The company has established a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9000:2015 system, and a military quality management system according to the requirements of GJB9000C:2017 system. Its marine products have been recognized by China Classification Society, conforming to CCS and IEC standards, and have passed the approval of ABS, BV, LR, GL, NK and other classification societies. All kinds of naval lamps and lanterns are widely used in various types of surface and underwater warships of our navy. They are reliable in quality, stable in performance and thoughtful in service, and have received unanimous praise from the army.

          The company's research and development of non-starter preheated fluorescent lamp ballast won the third prize of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation for technological progress, the third prize of Zhejiang Province for technological progress of naval fluorescent lamps, and the national patent for explosion-proof fluorescent lamps. The anti-impact fluorescent lamps and explosion-proof fluorescent lamps for naval vessels are the first in China to fill the gap in China. The newly developed marine LED lighting and non-polar lamps have fulfilled the requirements of improving living facilities and have been applied in many types of warships with good response from all sides.

          Strong technical force, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the development and application of the latest technology, and advanced management mode have formed a professional research and development team. They have been engaged in the research and development of marine lighting lamps for a long time, and have won many provincial and ministerial awards. They have also won 21 national design or utility model design patents. They have also won the research and development center of Nanhu District of Jiaxing City and the high and new technology of Jiaxing City. Technology Research and Development Center, Patent Demonstration Enterprises in Nanhu District of Jiaxing City and High-tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

          The company has many kinds of products, new styles, excellent quality, fast delivery, reasonable price, and is well-known both at home and abroad. It can design and produce special specifications and improved products or undertake research and development projects of new products according to different needs of customers.

          Advanced production equipment and testing equipment are the guarantee of product quality. The company has strict control over product manufacturing and ex-factory testing. It has a special quality testing department and a complete set of precision testing equipment. It has established a set of testing technology, checked the quality layer by layer, and realized zero defect of products.

          International standards and industry leadership are our company's consistent standards; quality first, customer first is our company's business purpose; sincere service, continuous progress is the company's behavior guide.

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