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          The first ship of our amphibious assault ship has been launched

          On the morning of Sept. 25, the Chinese navy launched its first amphibious assault ship in Shanghai At about 9:20, the ceremony began with the solemn national anthem, and military and civilian leaders cut the ribbon for the launch of the amphibious assault ship. After the ribbon cutting, the champagne bottle broke automatically on the port side of the ship, the bow colored ball was opened, and the streamers from the flight deck were fluttering in the wind. At the same time, the dock door water injection opening, to the dock water. There was a round of applause. Designed and built by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the ship is the first of its kind in China and has strong amphibious operations and diversified mission capabilities, according to the amphibious assault ship. In the next step, the ship will carry out equipment commissioning, mooring trial and other work as planned. Officials from relevant ministries, the Central Military Commission, the Navy, the Shanghai municipal government and the China shipbuilding industry, as well as research and construction personnel and representatives from the armed forces, attended the ceremony.

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